Adding Email to iPhone

Before adding email to your phone. Consider if you would like to use the native iPhone Mail Application or download a separate Microsoft Outlook App.

For most users the native app may already have your personal email address associated with it and can be confusing to differentiate between personal and work. However it is often times the simple way.

If you prefer to keep your work separate, or like the feel of Microsoft Outlook on your computer. Use the Microsoft Outlook Application for iPhone instead. If you will be accessing a Shared Mailbox from your phone (AP, Info, etc) Outlook is required.

Using Microsoft Outlook for your email.

·       Navigate to App Store and download Microsoft Outlook. Link to Apple App Store for Microsoft Outlook

·       Add your company email address.

·       Depending on the security protocols of the company, you may need to setup 2 Factor Authentication by downloading Microsoft Authenticator or providing your cell phone to text a code. Otherwise enter your password. Follow the guide here to setup Microsoft Authenticator 

·       Once done it will ask if you want to add another account, Click Maybe Later


·       Enable Notifications to be alerted when an email arrives. Click Turn On and Allow


Adding Shared Mailboxes to your Outlook App

·       Click the Circle with your Initials next to Inbox on top left to bring up Menu

·       Click the Envelope with Plus Icon on Left pane, then click Add Shared Mailbox


·       Type the email address of the Shared Mailbox you would like to add to your phone.


Native iPhone Mail Application

Native iPhone Mail App is a great way to have your company email on your phone. The Mail app is already pre-loaded on your iPhone. Email and Calendar will integrate with your iPhone.

·       Open the Settings App on your device

·       Scroll down and navigate to Mail

·       Click Add Account

·       Click Microsoft Exchange

·       Enter your Email Address and Company Name


·       Click Sign In to automatically configure your email.

·       Enter your password


·       Select what you would like to sync to your phone and click Save